Mini Transition Portable Shower

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Rugged Outdoor Pressurized Portable Rinse Off Shower.

The Mini-Transition Outdoor Pressurized Rinse Off Shower offers a simple, compact, practical cleaning solution at the right price.  Its compact, portable design and hand powered pressurization make it ideal for on-location rinsing and cleanup.

It’s small enough to fit in the corner of a car trunk, and efficient enough to give a complete shower on just one 1.2 gallon tank. The carefully designed shower-head maximizes water pressure while conserving water, and the simple pump action design maximizes durability while emphasizing ease of use. An included shoulder strap quickly converts the shower into a flexible cleaning tool that offers portable, precision water dispensation for a variety cleaning applications.

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Key Features:

Convenient Cleaning: This portable shower allows you to get clean wherever you are; works great for outdoor sports, camping trips, giving your pet a bath, or in emergency situations without water.

For Outdoor Enthusiasts: Take this shower with you on the go for quick cleaning after your outside adventures; allows you to transition from rugged outdoor activities to daily life in a few minutes.

Easy Pump Action: Simply pump the handle to begin building up pressure and then use shower head to control the pressurized spray; specially designed head maximizes pressure while conserving water.

Compact & Portable: The plastic tank holds 1.2 gallons of water to ensure a thorough cleaning while being small enough for easy travel; toss in your trunk for beach visits or extended camping trips.

Great for Pets: We all love our pets, but their dirty paws can drag mud and germs into our homes; after a day outside use our handy shower to quickly clean up your furry friend before returning home.