Transition Portable Shower

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ONTRACK TRANSITION PORTABLE SHOWER - The best upgrade for your outdoors activities that you can easily be included it along wherever you need it. 

The TRANSITION is an electric portable shower that does not requires pumping and provides up to 3 weeks of daily showering thanks to its internal rechargeable battery life.

With a capacity of 9 liters, and compact design the TRANSITION is a convenient way to keep H2O around, so you and your most beloved things can stay cool, and clean on the go.

Features Easy Trigger Shower Head Handle which regulates pressure and instantly stops the water flow to maximizes every precious ounce.

So why stop? Keep going. Stay cool and clean!!!



Convenient Cleaning: This portable shower allows you to get clean wherever you are; works great for outdoor sports, camping trips, giving your pet a bath, or in emergency situations without water.

Outdoor Enthusiast: Take this shower with you on the go for quick cleaning after your outside adventures; allows you to transition from rugged outdoor activities to daily life in a few minutes.

No Pumping Required: Simply turn On and Go. Pull the shower head to control the pressurized spray; specially designed head maximizes pressure while conserving water.

Compact & Portable: The plastic tank holds 9 litters of water to ensure a thorough cleaning while being small enough for easy travel; toss in your trunk for beach visits or extended camping trips.

Great for Pets: We all love our pets, but their dirty paws can drag mud and germs into our homes; after a day outside use our handy shower to quickly clean up your furry friend before returning home.